Fat Don't Make You Fat

"It is freaky sugar and sweet cravings that make us pack on extra pounds, not Fat."


If you’ve never tried a nut milk, than you haven’t lived.  It’s like heaven, a milkshake without the guilt and need to unbutton your jeans five minutes later.  Don’t pretend you’ve never done it.

 It’s that creamy, smooth taste of cashews or the slightly smoky, vanilla flavor of almonds in a liquid form.  It’s dessert. It’s epic.  It’s hot.  We’re getting turned on.

What’s not hot, is when life gets flat, bland, same ol’ and that’s what happens when we eat all out of whack and avoid foods like fat because we’re still hanging onto something we heard from a SlimFast commercial in the 90s.  What a turn off. 

Fat, is where it’s at, because of how it fuels the body, gives us a sense of fullness and wards off freaky sugar and sweet cravings, that make us pack on extra pounds.  Here’s the whole story. 

Fat makes you full.

Quality fats, found in nuts, avocadoes and real foods like coconuts (technically a nut) stay in our digestive system longer and are good for the heart and cholesterol levels.

Processed foods contain a good amount of trans fat, which does all kinds of weird stuff to the body and is usually in products that also have a ton of refined sugar so they actually spike cravings and hunger levels.

Fat burns Fat. 

Fat gives our metabolism a little boost to rid the body of excess fat.  If there isn’t enough fat and calories in what we’re consuming, our body will slow down and go into “reserves” and hang on to fat to halt the burnin’ process.

Fat takes care of the other guys.

Fat runs the show, transporting several different vitamins and minerals through the body. Vitamins A, D, E and K are actually known as fat-soluble vitamins, and are must haves for good internal health.

Fat, makes you feel good.

Fat assists the body in producing endorphins (the natural way to get high), which balances stress, gives us more energy and makes us feel happy.

Rock the Cashbah and make the milkshake, a regular part of your diet.



Ali Van Putten is a blogger, entrepreneur, and obsessive compulsive juicer' who collaborates with the Raleigh Raw crew to spread the good vibes.  She is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.  Her site Createapreneur provides tools for creative entrepreneurs to build their brand, business and most importantly,  to live life outside of the conventional lines.

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