Juicing on the Job

I remember the Friday at my first job out of college our boss showed up with a twenty four pack of Bud Light, I thought just maybe, life after college wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

At the time I was hyped up on the idea of drinking on the job.  While we know it’s great to kick back with your coworkers from time to time after work, we’ve found there’s another way to bond with your cube mates, an office juice cleanse.

The good news about this liquid indulgence is that doesn’t leave you wishing you'd hit up the gym instead of the happy hour the night before or crashing into the kitchen for cupcakes at 4pm to keep yourself awake.  Oh and there is the fact that you don't wake up cringing about that "heart to heart" you had with your boss after drink number three and get to save yourself the walk of shame through the office the next morning.

Round up the hustlers and trail blazers that you spend your 9-5p with and embark on a team bonding juice adventure.

Here's what you have to look forward to...

Bonding with coworkers that doesn’t include hitting on them, making out with them or worse....waking up next to them.

Being productive during the day to get sh*t done iNSTEAD OF working through a to-do list while ‘nursing a hangover”.  

We'd rather not come in on Saturdays, Gary.

Handful of chips here, bag of M&M's there, Are you an office grazer?

it's not hunger, it's just a bad habit.  Cleanses help you break 'em, Don't be a Victim to the office cupcakes.

And really, Do we need to mention that you'll practically be trimming your waist line and feeling healthier while you work?  #multitasker

It’s a GREAT conversation starter, maybe even with your office crush?

You'll Save your figure and your wallet!  Cleansing actually cuts down on food costs, especially if you like to go out to eat or buy your lunch.

You won't have to bribe yourself to go to the gym, you'll be so full of energy that you'll want to.

And most importantly, you'll finally feel like your bossy, trail blazin', rock star self again...

So get on the juice!   Reach out to us directly, share our corporate juice doc with your office wellness group or HR Team and enjoy our special discounts for those who like to drink on the job.  #bottomsup #raisethevibe #fuelthehustle

Ali Van PuttenComment