Why Cleanse the Body Anyway?

Wondering if a juice cleanse is the right move for you?  Read on for the full story.

Wanna drink goat milk for every meal for two weeks straight?  Didn’t think so.

 Sip on cayenne pepper, maple syrup and lemon for every meal?  I’d rather not.

Go fruit yourself and eat 30 bananas a day to fit into your wedding dress?  We wish we were kidding.

When we first starting getting down with optimal health, with a juicer’s mentality of optimal fuel in for optimal output, these were the different types of cleanses that we found out on the interwebs. 

Clearly, cleansing can take on a variety of forms, but in terms of a raw, organic, juice cleanse, here are the reasons we get behind for investing in a 3, 5 or 7 day liquid gold revival for the everyday peeps wanting to drink to their health.  Leave the goats at home por favor.

 Why do a Juice Cleanse?

Give your digestion a recess.  Send your internal organs for a weekend in South Beach, they deserve it.  These days we treat our digestion like 7/11, we’re constantly throwing a mix of foods, snacks, and drinks at it to process and keeping strange eating hours that trickle way into the night. 

The digestion needs a break, when we keep it liquid for a couple days it has a chance to clear out naturally.  Since the gut is where a majority of other irritations and issues stem from, this can help heal the entire ecosystem of the body.   Less acne?  Shinier hair? Increased energy?  You bet.  All by giving the internal organs a little vacation.

Notice your habits around food.  Typically it’s the handful of skittles here or the half bag of popcorn consumed while standing and staring at the fridge that are the sneaky blocks between us and our optimal weight and body. 

Snacking, skipping meals, over eating and consuming a diet heavy in processed foods, are the culprits that become bad habits leading to long term weight gain, lethargy and body dissatisfaction.  Juicing, to us, is about a lifestyle, when on a 3,  5 or 7 day program, you notice clearly what your habits are around eating and have the opportunity to change them.

Reset and feel strong in your body.  Yes cleansing can lead to weight loss, but more than just providing a quick fix, the body gets a download of nutrients in a pure, easily digestible and raw form.   The internal energy created allows the body to reestablish itself as the power house that it’s naturally destined to be.  Look your best yes, but more importantly FEEL your best so that you can do the activities that help you look awesome, be awesome to every one you meet and kick ass in the way you’re meant to in the world.

Bottoms up!


Ali Van Putten

Ali Van Putten is a blogger, entrepreneur, and obsessive compulsive juicer' who collaborates with the Raleigh Raw crew to spread the good vibes.  She is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.  Her site Createapreneur provides tools for creative entrepreneurs to build their brand, business and most importantly,  to live life outside of the conventional lines.