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Now's your chance to hit the "Restart" button on your summer consumption habits with 10% OFF ALL JUICE CLEANSES THROUGHOUT THE MONTH OF AUGUST!

Give your body a break from processed foods, processed sugars, fast food (or any foods that are difficult to digest), chemicals, alcohol, caffeine, etc.

3, 5 or 7 days of allowing your body to put that energy towards healing & cleansing instead!

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Ordering online is easy. Select everything you’d like from our online menu. Then stop in to pick it up, or select to have it delivered right to your home or work.

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Who is Raleigh Raw?

We don’t choose this lifestyle out of discipline, we live this way because we are convinced there is no better way to live. Its physically, emotionally, and spiritually rewarding, its delicious, its proactive/preventative, and its worth every penny. We want this for everyone…


But First Coffee..

Nitro Cold Brew

Creamy Without the Cream

Raleigh Coffee Company

The amazing couple behind our locally sourced coffee beans!

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