Cleanse Coaching
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Make the most of your cleanse.

Tap into our cleanse coach's knowledge and help enhance your cleansing experience to meet your goals.

What do you wish to achieve from your cleanse?

How do you find answers to questions you may have about juice cleansing?

What changes do you have to make during and after the process to ensure that you will reap the full benefits from cleansing?

Our cleanse coach, Katie P has worked side by side with clients during cleansing and has developed strategies that include -

  • Pre & Post Meal Plans
  • 1 on 1 support
  • Personalized goal setting exercises

Meet your Cleanse Coach.

Katie Petnuch, certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, has been with Raleigh Raw for over a year and has worked with 75+ clients.

Check out what they had to say -

"With Katie P's pro-tips, I was able to lose some stubborn weight I gained the last month." - S. Thompson

"Keep offering the health coach for first time cleansers, it's what gave me the reassurance to give it a try." - H. Hernandez