What To Expect



The week prior to starting your cleanse, begin phasing out the following

  • Caffeine

  • Alcohol

  • Nicotine

  • Refined Sugar

  • Wheat

  • Processed Foods

  • White/ enriched flour

  • meats

  • fried food

  • dairy

  • self prescribed OTC meds

Begin to replace these toxic/ addictive foods with at least 75% raw foods- fresh fruit and vegetables and raw unsalted nuts/ nut butters, beans, legumes.  Beverages of choice for the week leading up to your cleanse can be filtered water (lots of it), unsweetened hot or iced tea,  or cold-pressed juice.  An ideal dinner may consist of a fresh salad, steamed veggies, wild caught fish for protein, and brown rice or quinoa for your starch.  Avoid toxic foods or meats that may raise your body’s acidity levels such as red meats, or farm raised fish and shellfish/ shrimp.   Hummus, black beans, lentils chick peas and edamame are great vegetarian protein sources.  The idea is that when you are finished with your cleanse, you will extend these eating choices into your everyday life and begin to see and feel the difference.  Each subsequent  cleanse will then be more pleasant, effective, and result in far less withdrawl symptoms of addictive foods/ substances.  

  • Hydrate well (at least 64-72 ounces a day).






Water is your friend.  Drinking a lot of water throughout your cleanse is important because it flushes your organs and blood system of all of the  toxins that the juice has helped your cells release.  Don’t get discouraged if the first couple days are tough.  You may experience lower energy at first as your body is cleaning house and moving toxins out, but you will progressively begin to feel much better.  By the end of your cleanse (especially a 5+ day) you may feel lighter, cleaner,  and more energized than ever.  The more you cleanse, the more pleasant and effective the experience.   

No one said this was easy but its they’ve all said its worth it! Initially, your energy level may drop as your body is cleaning house and moving the toxins out but rest assured once they’re out your energy levels should be higher than they were before the cleanse. By the end of your cleanse (especially a 5+ day) you may feel lighter, cleaner,  and more energized than ever.  The more you cleanse, the more pleasant and effective the experience.   


Water is your Friend. Drinking a lot of water during your cleanse allows for the removal of all of the toxins that have been released from your cells.

Drink all of your daily cold-pressed juices in the order as directed in order to keep sugar levels regulated and balance out nutrient delivery.

Drink your bodyweight in ounces of water daily

Drink one juice approx every 3 hours

Light exercise while cleansing is good for promoting blood flow. Yoga, swimming, light cardio, massage, hot baths, saunas, skin exfoliating are all great ways to detoxify while on a cleanse.  If your lifestyle involves above average physical activity, you may want to choose the 8 juice cleasne for added nutrients, and caloric intake.  


water is your friend





Congratulations you've successfully completed your cleanse.  Before you raise a glass, this does’t mean you can finally get back to shots of Jameson and Cliff Huxtable sized Hoagies.  It is important that you safely shift your body and digestive system back to consuming solids by transitioning out of your cleasne the way you came into it.  Small portions, mostly raw, natural and unprocessed foods.  The good news is by now may find this easier than before as you may notice a decrease in cravings/desire to indulge in toxic foods/ substances now that they are out of your system.  We like the new YOU. Extend this clean lifestyle out as long as possible!


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed your cleanse




What if I need to eat?


Why Cleanse (The Benefits)


Break for your body | Detoxification | Return to an Alkaline state in order to achieve --->


Vitality | Balance | Energy | Focus

A periodic cleanse for the body is much like a well deserved 3 day weekend for the mind. By allowing yourself to have only raw, organic cold-pressed juice for several days you’ll be able to achieve a complete detoxification and alkalinization of the body. Regular cleansing promotes Energy, Vitality, Balance, Focus and so much more.  The benefits are truly unlimited!  


Have Questions? Craving more information? Learn more about Cleansing here.


experience a full detoxification from your daily routines and


A periodic cleanse provides a much needed break for your body.  Giving your body raw, organic cold-pressed juice for several days will allow for a full detoxification of our daily routines

nourish your body with live enzymes and phytonutrients directly via the blood stream thereby giving your digestive system a break.  The energy your body would normally use for digestion can then be used to flush out, restore and alkalize your body as well as give you increased vitality throughout your day.  We have options for 3, 5, and 7 day cleanses.  Choose what is right for you based on your current state of health and your nutrition goals.  Questions? contact a cleanse coach at juice…