Consuming juice on a REGULAR basis can provide more energy, mental clarity, and weight management. 

Choose the amount of juice you'd like per week, check your delivery zone, pay one time, and enjoy juice delivered to your doorstep (or picked up in the Café)


Q: How do I make changes to my account? Pause my deliveries, change my quantities or flavors, etc.

A. Complete the 'change form' below or email us at juice@raleighraw.com. For immediate assistance call (919)439.5100

Q: When is my account charged?

A: Weekly.

Q: Do I need an account to use PayPal for payment?

A: No, just your normal bank card. We use PayPal as a tool to manage our subscriptions.

Q: What if I leave town?

A: If possible, cancel your deliveries prior to you departure. If you are unable to cancel the week before you leave you can reschedule your delivery to another day. Unused deliveries roll over into the next week. 

Q: What if Raleigh Raw is closed for a Holiday?

A: We will reimburse your account  

Q: What Delivery Zone am I in?

A: Find yourself on this Map  

Q: I do not wish to pay the delivery fee. Can I pick up my juice weekly?

A: Yes, choose "Pick Up in Café" as your delivery option. 

Q: I would like a quantity that is not being offered above. How do I get that?

A: Call us with the amount that you would like at (919) 439-5100 x1 or send us an email at juice@raleighraw.com

Q: Is tax included in the pricing above?

A: Yes, taxes are included 

Q: Can I have multiple deliveries per week?

A: Yes! Call us at 919.439.5100 x1 or email us at juice@raleighraw.com and we can help get you set up


Have More Questions? Call us at (919) 439-5100 x1 or send us an email at juice@raleighraw.com

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