Raleigh Raw was created to inspire an optimal lifestyle through connection, acceptance and healthy highs.

We began by delivering our 100% Raw, Organic, and Cold Pressed juices through out the Triangle circa 2013.  We believe in the power of raw juice, pressing up to 5 lbs of produce into each 17oz bottle, which is the perfect way to get clean, healthy, and fast nutrition.

Raleigh Raw empowers our community to eat to THRIVE.  We do that by providing unprocessed, plant-based, nutrient-dense, superfoods in their raw (living) form, full of live enzymes.  We offer cleanses to break sugar addictions… to reset and correct chemical imbalances.  Cleanses are not to be used as a quick fix, or weight loss tactic, or a ticket to justify eating poorly at other times.

We don’t choose this lifestyle out of discipline, we live this way because we are convinced there is no better way to live.  Its physically, emotionally, and spiritually rewarding, its delicious, its proactive/preventative, and its worth every penny.   We want this for everyone.  We are committed to helping people live their optimal life by providing the highest quality organic food available… to enable our community to make changes from the inside-out.  No meds, no bias or hidden agenda, no superficial approach to health, no treating symptoms.  

"We focus on root causes because our issues are systemic so our approach must be holistic" - Sherif Fouad

What we ask of you is that you make a long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and in return we will provide you with the fuel you need to live your best life.  

“No one can be persuaded by another person to make positive lifestyle changes. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside. Some of us make the decision to change on our own, to some the decision is prompted by a traumatic life experience like the illness of a loved one, and sadly some go through life never having the beautiful relationship with food they deserve" - Sherif Fouad

Come see at us at our Flag Ship Store in Downtown Raleigh  Rather have your juice brought to you? Check out our options for Cleanse PackagesSamplers, and our Subscription Program ready for home and office deliveries.

We ran a Kickstarter for our Flagship store; like what we’re doing and want to learn more about the mission of Real Food Fast? Check out our Kickstarter Video to see what we're up to! 

SHERIF FOUAD | Juice Pusher & Founder

A nutrition/health coach by day and and a mixologist by night at some of the finest lounges in New York City, Washington DC, and most recently Raleigh NC.

Over the years, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimers disease have all struck Sherif's closest family members. Prompted by a desire to gain an accurate understanding of his family's (and western culture's) propensity towards degenerative diseases, he has spent over 8 years immersed in comprehensive, non-bias medical findings and case studies as they relate to the human body and genetics.

The more he understood about the positive health effects of natural organic and raw foods, the more he wanted to teach and help others, and the more conflicted and unfulfilled he felt in the cocktail slinging world of nightlife. Hence Raleigh Raw was born out of a combination of two things... a strong desire to make the world healthy and happy.... and undying love and appreciation for a well built, balanced, proper cocktail.