Nutritional Content: 

Each one of our 16oz juices has approximately 5 pounds of produce in it! Ranging between 90-250 calories, Raleigh Raw juices make an excellent and healthy meal replacement option.  Our juices contain 100% Organic Fruits and Vegetables and will never have any additives or preservatives. 

Life Span: 

Raleigh Raw Juice is a RAW product that must be refrigerated and/or kept cold at all times. Because we use a Cold-Pressed method, our juices have a stable life of 4 days. However, to get the most out of your experience we suggest that you drink them immediately to benefit from the most nutrients and live enzymes as possible. 

Delivery Schedule:

We deliver on MWF to your home or office in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas.

// Ordering Window //

For Monday Delivery, Order by 12pm on Saturday

For Wednesday Delivery, Order by 5pm on Monday

For Friday Delivery, Order by 5pm on Wednesday

// Delivery Time //  7:30-10:30am on MWF

Requests for early delivery may be prioritized but are not guaranteed 

**Delivery Minimum for Raleigh area is 3 juices. Delivery Minimum for all other areas is 6 juices

The prices tied in with those will be:

Area 1 | Free

Area 2 | $7

Area 3 | $10

Area 4 | $12

Why Cleanse the Body?

We have news for you, you’re already on a cleanse.  I know, we wanted to be your first too.  But all day long, every day, our bodies, these brilliant little machines, are ‘cleansing, detoxifying and working out internal imbalances all day long.

The problem is that with our fast paced lifestyle, stress levels, take-out-lunches and decadent brunch, the body can start to get a little behind.  Add in over consumption of caffeine, medications, living in urban environments with chemicals in the water and the air and the body gets overwhelmed, it needs reinforcements, that’s where a juice cleanse comes in.

A juice cleanse is an opportunity to reset the body, detoxify, increase energy and do it all without starving or depriving the body of nutrients, feeling physically and emotionally drained.  

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a three, five or seven day, fresh, raw, all liquid diet that “cleanses” and resets the mental and physical state of the body.  Most juice cleanses offer six juices and/or smoothies per day that are consumed every 2-3 hours throughout the day to keep hunger levels satisfied and nutrition levels amplified.  

What is a Raleigh Raw Juice Cleanse and How is it Different? 

“Who you know fresher than me, riddle me that."

We’re not kidding.  Juices these days aren’t created equal and here’s what you can count on with Raleigh Raw.  Raw, Organic, Cold Pressed juices with produce from the local Raleigh community to make sure the product is packed with all the good stuff to raise your vibe.

Our team is all about our community and we’re juicin’ the leaders, the movers the shakers, with the right fuel so that they can do their thing, with more energy, a strong body and a clear head.  Red Bull may give you wings, but Raleigh Raw teaches you how to fly.  We’re here to raise the vibe.

Difference between a Cleanse and a Fast and a Diet?

Cleansing is a way to reset the body, remove toxins and increase energy without depriving the body of nutrients and potentially slowing down the metabolism.

A fast is traditionally a complete restriction of calories, except perhaps for water, for a specific period of time.  Usually fasts are done for spiritual pilgrimages, religion reasons, on a short-term basis to rest the digestion or for the masochists who like to struggle and suffer in an attempt to lose weight.

Which leads us to diet.  Diet is typically a particular method of eating that prescribes a specific food plan.  We believe you should have a clean, plant based diet but aren’t going to tell you what you can and can’t have for breakfast, only you can experiment with that makes your body and mind feel optimal.  

When is the Best Time of the Week to do a Juice Cleanse?

When you’re ready to commit to it.  The best indicator of how the juice cleanse will work for you is how excited you are about feeling awesome and prioritizing that over a momentary lust affair with a glazed donut. 

We deliver our cleanses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to reset you three times during the week.

What’s the Cold Pressed Juice Method?

We use a 100% Cold Pressed method during our juice production, which gives more juice with a higher nutritional quality and lasts much longer (4 days) than juice made in a traditional centrifugal juicer (1 hour).

Should I Care if my Juice is Cold Pressed? 

It’s getting hot in here, so strip off all your good stuff.  That’s what heat does to your veggies and fruits!  Don’t turn your apple into fruit snacks by drinking pasteurized juice and thinking it’s a healthy move. 

Cold Pressed Juicing is a process which separates the fiber from the cells of the produce, which hold all of the nutrients and live enzymes. Doing this allows us to consume large quantities of vegetables without becoming full or tired of chewing on crazy amounts of Kale. Our bodies require optimum nutrition to achieve and perform at our highest potentials, Raleigh Raw provides a convenient way to get this nutrition.

What does it mean for a Juice to be Raw? 

Babies are born perfect, so are fruits and veggies.  Then we cook, steam, fry, bake, process the life out of them, literally and wonder why they taste like plastic cardboard.

When from local farms, consumed in season and raw, the tastes from these little gifts of nature will rival any processed treat.  We keep it real and we keep it raw so that our juice tastes like something you’d prefer to drink, verse something you have to drink.

Does my Juice need to be Organic?  

Oh boy.  We like to have this conversation in person, so you can see just how passionate we are.  If the produce in your juice is not organic, you run the risk of dumping pounds of pesticides into your internal systems and bloodstream.  You might as well not drink the juice in the first place.

We are freakishly obsessed with only juicing organic.  There is no grey area here, would you hook yourself up to an IV of weed killer?  Lets drink organic friends.

Are your Cleanses Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Paleo?

Yes.  All our ingredients are organic and do not contain any animal products, diary, grains or aliens.

Why are Juices Expensive?

The short answers, they’re actually a steal.  For the amount of high quality produce and nutrients you’re getting, you’d probably spend $20 at Whole Foods if you were to buy the ingredients yourself.

The long answer, money is an exchange that demonstrates what we value.  Investing in YOU, in your health, seems to us like a solid priority and a way to be a positive contributor in the world.  So again, they’re actually a steal.  We used to worry about dropping $10 on a juice until we started to do the math and saw how energized and alive we felt on the sauce and how that doubled the output and effect we could have.

What are your holiday hours?

We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
We close early at 3 pm on Thanksgiving eve and Christmas eve.


Need more questions answered? We've got you. Just send us an Email us at Juice@raleighraw.com